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EkoDoku, which adopts Sustainable Development Goals as a principle, is a Social Cooperative that aims to carry our planet into the future with women and youth.

  • Women's Cooperatives are Getting Stronger!
    As EkoDoku Sustainable Living Cooperative, we continue our advocacy and awareness raising activities related to the Sustainable Development Goals, which we have adopted as a principle, with solidarity and cooperation steps with women's cooperatives. The Sustainable Development Goals, set by the member states of the United Nations to be achieved by 2030 in order to protect planet Earth and ensure that all people » »Women's Cooperatives are Getting Stronger!
  • Sustainable Fashion
    Speed, the most compelling component of our age, is dominant not only in communication and transportation but also in all areas of our lives, and Fashion, which is the socioeconomic marker of the need for clothing, has long been in a cycle of rapid production and rapid consumption. (Fast fashion), while fast fashion » »Sustainable Fashion
  • Can Restorative Agriculture Repair the World?
    Can restorative agriculture repair the world? Can it undo the damage we have done to the ecosystem? Can we leave agricultural production to farmers alone? What can thinking people do for this planet full of chronic problems? Restorative agriculture is an understanding created jointly by producers who say that another way of production may be possible and » »Can Restorative Agriculture Repair the World?