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Can Restorative Agriculture Repair the World?

Can restorative agriculture repair the world? Can it undo the damage we have done to the ecosystem? Can we leave agricultural production to farmers alone? What can thinking people do for this planet full of chronic problems?
Restorative agriculture is an understanding created jointly by producers who say that another way of production may be possible and those who take responsibility and walk side by side with them to continue production. As EkoDoku, we are trying to bring restorative agriculture to life in silkworm farming. EkoDoku Sustainable Living Cooperative was formed around a woman producer who, together with her family, established a mulberry garden by organizing non-agricultural lands and adopted nonviolent silk production in order to continue the cultivation of the Hataysarısı silkworm race, which is under threat of extinction. As a women's cooperative, EkoDoku produces projects for the protection of biodiversity in silkworm farming, which is an agroecological form of production, as well as the continuation of family farming and the utilization of women's labor.
EkoDoku invites all producers, consumers, decision-makers, all segments of social life to take off their usual hats and think again for the health of the planet and the future of life by drawing attention to the possibility of different production methods, the need for a different perspective, the need for ethical production, fair trade and questioning consumption, and to raise awareness by pointing out that non-violent silk production is possible without the usual insect strangulation process during the Environment Week.

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