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We named our cooperative EkoDoku Sustainable Living by emulating all the living and non-living elements of our world that form a living tissue in accordance with ecology.

EkoDoku was inspired by the PEACE THREAD that allows the silkworm to complete its life cycle; we decided to move forward together in solidarity as a Social Cooperative based on women's labor. 

Contrary to thousands of years of tradition, the Cooperative adopts an ecological and sustainable silk production method that allows the silkworm butterfly to emerge from the cocoon alive and continue its life cycle of "egg-caterpillar-cocoon-pupa-butterfly-egg". 

EkoDoku's mission is to capture the overlooked loops in the fabric formed by human beings by observing, experimenting, producing and accumulating nature; by the way, knowledge, technique, tradition, art, craft and production culture formed by natural life, to repair, revive, add colors, embroidery and embroidery with the skill of women's hands, to multiply by sharing, to bring back to life, to make it sustainable, to carry it to the age and the future.