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The establishment story of EkoDoku Sustainable Life Cooperative started in Hatay in 2017 with the contributions of Cooperative President Esra ÜZEL YÜNCÜLER, other partners Alev AYDIN YAVUZCAN, Ayşen Sema TEKİN and Tuba ÜZEL in the process of bringing the "Sustainable Textile Fashion and Design Center" to Hatay. This process has gained momentum by moving the method known as "Nonviolent Silk" or "Peace Silk" in the world to the scientific research ground for its application in Turkey. Silkworm breeding and silk thread production "without insect strangulation", conscientiously practiced by Emel DUMAN, Production Director of EkoDoku, who is the carrier of the knowledge, experience and production traditions of a family that has been engaged in silkworm breeding and silk weaving for four generations, has also been supported by a scientific study within the scope of Hatay Mustafa Kemal University Scientific Research Project (BAP). The study, which was conducted with the data provided by Emel DUMAN's breeding environment and deep knowledge, confirmed that the method known as "Nonviolent Silk" or "Peace Silk" in the world was shown to be applicable in Turkey, the "insect strangulation" method, which is common in the world, which causes the caterpillar or butterfly in the cocoon to die by baking, was not applied, the butterfly was expected to pierce the cocoon it had woven and come out, and high quality yarn and fabric were obtained from the perforated cocoons.

Another important work that our co-founder Emel Duman accelerated and provided material for is the success of finding and keeping alive the seeds of the endemic silkworm race called Hatay Yellow, which has been thought to be extinct in nature since the 1960s. Scientific studies carried out in this context continue in the academic community. 

EkoDoku was established in Ankara on May 25, 2021, under the leadership of Esra ÜZEL YÜNCÜLER, with the gathering of entrepreneurial women who see the differences in their professions, knowledge and experiences as an advantage, and who have similar concerns about the health of the planet and the welfare of future generations, and the Hatay branch was opened in December 2021. As a women's initiative, EkoDoku works with a circular economy approach to reduce poverty, decent work opportunities, gender equality, responsible production and consumption, and mitigate the effects of the climate crisis within the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

EkoDoku is based in Ankara and has a branch in Hatay; it also has partners in Antalya, Istanbul and Izmir. The cooperative aims to establish cooperative partnerships in different provinces every day, to open branches in cities with partners and to actively operate in the field of production with the workshops to be established, to create sustainable production, employment and added value in harmony with the planet.