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  • First of all, if you want to be an active volunteer, you can become our Sustainability Ambassador or our Peace Silk Ambassador. For this, it will be enough for you to send an e-mail. After an online interview, we can plan your volunteering participation method in detail. Each year we will be able to update the process according to your continuation.
  • In addition, you can choose your needs and gifts from EkoDoku products at both individual and corporate level. As we are a cooperative that produces fabric with a weaving design and sewing workshop, we can produce customized products.
  • We can receive donations against receipt from our friends who want to make cash donations. Fabric, dye, yarn, equipment, tools, stationery, sewing-embroidery machines, etc. that can be contributed in kind. You can bring / send the products you can think of to our cooperative by contacting us. 
  • By participating in our Activity Workshops, you can improve your knowledge and skills and work on hobbies together. 
  • If you already have experience in handicrafts and want to continue producing, we can work with you by planning a business model.
  • As a volunteer, you can provide us with consultancy services in your areas of knowledge and experience (legal, marketing, export, social media management, digitalization, certification, etc.). 
  • You can provide support by purchasing our EkoDoku Together Digital Card available in our e-shops in the marketplaces. 
  • We can gladly plan together the supports that you suggest that we have not thought of...

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