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"When we learned about the production processes of EKODOKU Cooperative, we were amazed. We were informed about a production we were not aware of. We sincerely appreciate the founders of the cooperative for realizing such a concept and wish them to keep a sustainable story alive. We met with the Peace Silk products; we use them with great pleasure due to their superior quality and production method. We also recommend EkoDoku products to our friends." 

(Zehra-Miyase-Hatice Akin Sisters- December 2021) 

"The silk scarves and shawls I bought from EkoDoku arrived in an attentive and eco-friendly package. They are much more beautiful than they look on the internet. The fine, delicate and high quality weaving is the result of women's hands, women's labor... The price is also affordable for this beautiful texture. The preservation of the vitality of living creatures in silk production provides a different peace of mind. In a word, it is worth everything... In addition, the cargo arrived on time without any problems. Thanks to everyone who contributed." 

(Prof. Dr. Meliksah Ertem - October 2022) 

"I use many of EkoDoku's products such as towels, scrubs, loincloths and shawls, I buy them for myself and my loved ones. I am very pleased because they are sustainable textile products, they do not wear out, on the contrary, they get better as you use them. In addition to having Human Friendly and Environmentally Friendly products based on women's labor, there is a warm and sincere communication. Thank you very much to the EkoDoku Family." 

(Umran Sadiye Yilmaz-February 2022)  

"The shawl I bought matched many of my outfits both in daily life and special evenings. I like to use it because of its soft texture. In addition, the fact that the raw material was obtained without harming the silkworm is another important reason why I like to use it."

(Assoc. Prof. Dr. Menekşe Özçelik-May 2022) 

"The shawls I bought have become one of my favorite accessories with the naturalness and softness of the fabric and the use of color. Especially the comfortable use of silk in daily life is an indispensable feature. Of course, it is also very important that it is produced based on women's labor with a method that does not harm the silkworm. Quality product, careful packaging, strong communication, thank you very much EkoDoku!"

(Zinnur Vapur- November 2022) 

"I have always loved using scarves. When I first met EKODOKU products, I was attracted by their colors and appearance. When I started using it, I admired its texture and the feeling it left. When I learned the story behind EKODOKU products and the way they are produced, my admiration multiplied. I would like to thank the EKODOKU Family for introducing me to a product that respects nature, is sustainable and very frequent. May your path be clear, we wish to be together for many years. With love." 

(Nihal Demirtaş Büyükçıvgın-March 2022)  

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