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Our Cooperative, which has adopted Sustainable Development Goals as a principle, carries out its activities with a governance approach. EkoDoku operates in the field of ethical fashion and sustainable textiles. Our priorities in our work in this field:

  • empowerment of all vulnerable groups, especially women and youth, 
  • increasing co-doing and solidarity, 
  • protection of the natural environment and ecosystem, 
  • the development of decent work opportunities, 
  • promoting green growth, 
  • dissemination of scientific studies and innovation, 
  • preservation of cultural heritage and carrying it into the future, 
  • the economic, technological, artistic, scientific, digital, social and cultural needs of its partners and target groups, as well as the production of goods and services within the scope of its economic activities
  • Meeting the requirements for the marketing of products and services in accordance with fair trade principles 

EkoDoku is based in Ankara and has a branch in Hatay; it also has partners in Antalya, Istanbul and Izmir. The cooperative aims to establish cooperative partnerships in different provinces every day, to open branches in cities with partners and to actively operate in the field of production with the workshops to be established, to create sustainable production, employment and added value in harmony with the planet.