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EkoDoku is a social enterprise focused on production, research, solidarity and activity, working on social, economic and ecological benefit by bringing together theory and practice under the roof of a cooperative. By developing a production model that blends tradition and innovation in the field of textiles, we are an enterprise that conducts research and development studies as well as trade and also operates by establishing collaborations. As a social enterprise that does not distribute dividends as emphasized in our articles of association, empowering vulnerable groups, especially women and youth, socio-economically, creating income sources for these groups, bringing tradition and the future together in the present, we are a social enterprise that blends issues such as circular economy, responsible production-consumption, fair trade, green growth, nature and human-friendly production, slow fashion, sustainable textiles, respect for the life cycle, social benefit. 

The goal of every good and service we produce is primarily social and environmental benefit. At the same time, it makes a difference with its effective income model for the active participation of disadvantaged individuals in the labor force. This difference is made by making "workers" both service providers and beneficiaries, and thus making them the main stakeholders. We actively participate in networking activities, cooperative meetings, workshops and conferences to build the capacity of social solidarity economy components and cooperatives in particular. Some of the projects in which we are active stakeholders or beneficiaries for social good: 

Civil Society Sector Meetings within the scope of Civil Society Dialogue - VI and Civil Society Support Program - III, we take part as a Participant Cooperative.

European Union Civil Society Dialogue VI Program Social Cooperatives Center of Excellence Platform, 2021, As Sosyal Kooperatif, we are a network member and stakeholder.

We are an active participant in the Project to Support the Ecologically and Socially Just Transformation of Women Producers, implemented by the Embassy of France and the Derivation Economy Association. We have strengthened our capacity through trainings and workshops.

We are a beneficiary cooperative of the Ministry of Family and Social Services in the pilot province of Ankara, and we cooperate closely with the Provincial Directorate to strengthen women's cooperatives. 

We are an active member of the World Bank Program "Social Entrepreneurship Community of Practice (SECoP)", working in the field of women's cooperative empowerment and social cohesion.

Yeni Nesil Kooperatifler Ağı üyesiyiz; bu ağın gereksinim ve sorunlara çözüm getirebilmesinde kilit rol oynamaktayız, aktif katılım sağlamaktayız. 

We are a member of the Local Climate Network, and we actively participate in helping this network bring solutions to needs and problems. 

We are part of the Women Entrepreneurs network operating under the name WEConnect International.

We are the beneficiary of the Women in Export Project, and we are one of the 10 Social Initiatives working on capacity building in Turkey on green exports.  

We are a social cooperative member of the Healthy Living network.

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Ankara Development Agency Supported Silk Keeping the Butterfly Alive: Peace Silk grant project between April 2022-March 2023.

Workshop Bez-EkoDoku solidarity and cooperation process continues actively.