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Producing Women Meetings

As EkoDoku Sustainable Living Cooperative, we were invited as a panelist to the ninth meeting of Halkbank Producing Women Meetings in Ankara. Producing Women Meetings is an important platform for women entrepreneurs as a series of events where women entrepreneurs come together, introduce opportunities in new business areas and support the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem. The "Brand Cooperatives" and "Inspiring Women" panels of the event, attended by entrepreneur women from Central Anatolian provinces, provided women cooperatives and entrepreneur women with the opportunity to share their inspiring stories, experiences and successes. In the "Brand Cooperatives" panel, Esra Üzel Yüncüler, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Ekodoku Sustainable Living Art Science Technology Women's Initiative Production and Operation Cooperative, shared valuable information about the importance of supporting women's entrepreneurship for sustainability and EkoDoku cooperative activities.

Sustainability Transformation Certificate Program

As EkoDoku Sustainable Life Cooperative; we are participating in the Textile Sector Sustainability Transformation Certificate program organized by ITHIB. In the program; What is sustainability? History and management of sustainability, Textile sector and sustainability, Sustainable fashion, Financing Sustainability, Sustainable Textile Design Principles; Circular Fashion, Green Business, Energy, Water and Waste management, Sustainable Chemical management, Circularity and Sustainable business practices in the Textile Sector, Sustainable Accessories and Packaging practices, Recycling and Upcycling, Carbon Footprint in the Textile Sector, Sustainability of the planet and Recycling in Textiles are implemented with a very strong content and with the participation of expert guests and provides a meeting platform for many people and organizations from the sector. We would like to thank all those who contributed.

Our Digital Design Workshop was established!

EkoDoku Sustainable Living Cooperative established a digital design workshop with the project support from Ankara Development Agency. Thus, in its activities in line with the principles of sustainable living, slow fashion and fair trade, it has made an important step towards sustainability in textiles. According to sustainability researchers, the textile industry is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions and is the biggest polluter in the world after oil. At the same time, the textile industry causes pollution of fresh water resources and agricultural lands with the water, dyestuffs and auxiliary chemicals it consumes in fabric dyeing processes. The industry also faces high waste treatment costs that directly concern the consumer. Digital printing methods offer a solution to minimize the environmental footprint and sustainability at the most polluting stage of textile production. With digital printing methods, fabric design and dyeing processes are realized with minimum carbon footprint, low energy consumption, zero water consumption and zero waste. Moreover; it offers the consumer the opportunity to make clothing choices that suit their needs and aesthetic understanding with personalized designs. Digital Printing methods enable the realization of slow fashion and sustainable textile approach with personalized designs in original design workshops instead of mass production and fast fashion.